You can not ignore TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor has become a source of reservations for hotels. It is an undisputable fact that the best evaluated hotels receive more reservations. Different studies demonstrate that many travellers don´t book in a hotel without previously verifying the opinion of other guests. And the source most frequently used by the guests to see the independent opinions is TripAdvisor. For these reasons you can not ignore a such important reference source as TripAdvisor.

TripAdvisor Premium Partners Certification

We are a TripAdvisor "Premium Partner", and that is why we offer, at no extra cost from our part, all the advantages that TripAdvisor can offer to hotels.

A hate love relationship

Many hoteliers love TripAdvisor and others hate it. How nice it is to receive good opinions and how bad it is to receive adverse opinions! The fact is that , like it or not, TripAdvisor is there with the good and bad opinions about your hotel. Here we want to refer to a famous phrase: "if you can't beat them, join them". What can a hotelier do to improve his reputation with TripAdvisor? Obviously the most important thing is to offer good service and if possible, exceed the guest´s expectations. But that is not enough. It is advisable to ask the guest for an evaluation. And this is what our service offers you with the Express Review that comes included in Paxer for those who want it.

Review Express

This facility allows that Paxer alerts TripAdvisor every time that a guest checks out of the hotel in order to send an invitation to review the lodging. The majority of guests have a good opinion of their stay but they do not express it. This invitation will incentivate them to do so. What is most important for improving your ranking are recent and frequent reviews.


Another optional facility that Paxer offers, without additional cost is to inform TripAdvisor of the availability of rooms for a determined date so that your client can directly book from TripAdvisor in the webpage of the hotel as opposed to doing so from the OTA’s, and therefore, saving the commission. This service offered by TripAdvisor, paid for by the received clicks (CPC: Cost Per Click) can be enabled for any hotel that has the Paxer platform.

Instant Booking

Another option, also with no cost from our part, and without need to have a Channel Manager, is to receive direct bookings from TripAdvisor. This service must be subscribed with TripAdvisor, that charges a commission of 12% or 15%. As a Premium Partner, our systems are connected and when we receive or make a booking, the availability is automatically updated to avoid over-bookings.