Dynamic Subscription
Are you looking for a plan that suits your income?
Do you offer accommodation only on a seasonal basis?

With our Dynamic Subscription you have a minimum fixed cost and only pay by consumption if your business is generating income.

+ Consumption / Month
Includes the Comprehensive management platform focused on promoting your direct sales corresponding to the Flat Rate Subscription - Starter

+ Consumption / Month
Includes the Comprehensive management platform focused on promoting your direct sales corresponding to the Flat Rate Subscription - Professional
Flat Rate Subscription
10% discount

/ Month

/ Month

/ Month
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Comprehensive management platform for your accommodation focused on promoting your direct sales:
Booking Site
Receive direct bookings through the Booking engine of your Booking Site: the Profile of your accommodation on the Paxer Network
Booking engine
Booking engine focused on converting visitors into confirmed guests through an excellent user experience
Channel manager
Our Channel manager service synchronizes the inventory and reservations of the accommodation with more than 400 direct and indirect channels
Integrated payment gateway
Integration with the main payment gateways to allow guests to deposit directly to the accommodation’s account. Fee charges may apply.
Paxer Direct
Increase the presence of your accommodation through the direct sales portals of the Paxer Network, through Paxer Direct the Hosts join to attract more passengers
Digital Profile Configuration
Configuration of the digital profile of the accommodation in Google My Business, TripAdvisor and Facebook linking them to your Booking Site
Property management system - PMS with all the necessary functionalities to manage passenger reservations during their stay in the accommodation
Mobile app
Available for iOS and Android with the necessary functionalities to review reservations and occupancy of your accommodation from anywhere
Host support team
Attention and support team willing to help you with the management of your accommodation and above all to boost your direct sale
Simple management of the housekeeping of the rooms
Basic reports
Includes Bookings, Canceled bookings, booked rooms and bookings payments
Advanced reports
Includes Income, Extras, occupation statistics and profitability statistics
Paxer Website with hosting included
Extended version of the Booking Site to advertise additional services provided by the Host and show attractions close to the accommodation and testimonials from guests who have already visited the property. Site hosting is included.
Multiproperty Booking Engine
Booking engine that consolidates the availability of multiple accommodations in a single search
Extended support
Thought-out for those accommodations that require a Host Support Team with shorter response times and greater dedication in operational tasks
Custom Website
Responsive website personalized with the brand of the accommodation to complement the digital profile of the host
We know that indirect sale through OTAs is inevitable, we also solve that:
Number of connections with indirect channels OTAs
Connect with different indirect channels such as OTAs or GDS through our channel manager service
Indirect channels OTAs available
Connection with multiple indirect channels depending on the subscription plan
Airbnb, or Expedia
Airbnb, and Expedia
Airbnb,, Expedia, Despegar and Hotelbeds
Over 400 OTAs
Rate plans for indirect channels OTAs
Ability to generate rate plans for indirect channels with the rates and business restrictions allowed by the channels
Modification of tariff plans for indirect channels OTAs
Ability to reconfigure rate plans connected with indirect channels
Add-on features at an additional cost:
Connect additional indirect channels OTAs
Connect with more indirect sales channels at an additional cost
US$ 15.00/OTA
US$ 15.00/OTA
US$ 15.00/OTA
US$ 15.00/OTA
Electronic billing
Service for issuing invoices and other electronic documents, available in specific regions. Additional consumption charges may apply.

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