Manage prices to increase income

Previously, hotels did not change their prices on a daily basis because it was simply impossible to do so. Prices were published and at the most you had a high season and a low season. Nowadays this has changed to "Revenue Management". It consists of frequently changing prices in order to optimize sales. When there is a high demand you can charge the full rate, when the demand is low you can offer discounts and better prices so as to get more clients. If you are not doing so, you are not maximizing your income.

Paxer improves Price management

Changing prices in the Paxer system is very easy. It is so easy and fast that you can do it as often as you want. If you change a price, this change will be immediately reflected on your web page. The same happens when you create a special plan with discounts for some specific dates, it will be offered to your clients on your web page. And if you have the Channel Manager, the changes will be reflected in the OTA’s that you are using.

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