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Playa Chinquihue

Playa Chinquihue
Puerto Montt
3.5 km from the property

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Top reviews 3.70
Felipe Ogaz photo

Felipe Ogaz
Feb 2023

Excellent reception that made it easy for us to have breakfast at an unscheduled hour, a beautiful view and a pool in good condition and with a great temperature, only a little far from the center but the place was perfect for a good vacation (a magical place to have a great vacation)

Nicolas Monsalve photo

Nicolas Monsalve
Jan 2022

According to the comments read, I find that many things have improved (cleanliness, heating, hot water, etc.), a comfortable and safe place. What if I would recommend selling stays with continental breakfast since breakfast is very basic (tea, coffee, bread, cheese, butter and ham) to be continental, many things were missing. Among other things it is very beautiful, it has a nice view at least the room where I was.

Exact location
Km 15 Chinquihue Camino Panitao Bajo s/n.Puerto Montt,Región de los Lagos Chile.41 32"10.65 s73 02"29.1 w