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Convert visitors of your web page into direct reservations

Most likely, you have invested money ad time in your website and in spite of this you feel that you are not benefiting enough from it. A web page, besides being beautiful and nice must convince the potential guest. Nowadays, the majority of people hope to be able to confirm online and don't want to fill out a form and have to wait for an answer someday.

With Paxer we add a "widget" or calendar in your website where your visitors can input the travel dates and see at once if there is availability. With this feature, your website will look more modern and professional, just like the main hotel chains or the most important travel portals. And, good news, you can adapt it perfectly to the “look” of your website.

Get reservations without commissions

The best reservations that you can get are the ones from your website:

  • You don't have to pay a commission
  • The client is yours, not from a travel portal
  • They are self service: The guest fills out the data, with no effort on your part, or errors in the transcription of data
  • When having Channel Manager, the reserved rooms are automatically taken off from all your sales channels.

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